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Pastor Joseph Cook, Full Gospel Faith Ministries

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Pastor and Lady Cook

Pastor Joseph M. Cook is a Holy Ghost filled, baptized beliver in Jesus Christ, called and anointed by God to preach the gospel to dying men and women everywhere.
Pastor Cook was ordained on October 28,1984 and was Assistant Pastor fof Full Gospel Deliverance Church in Henderson, N.C. He studied under  Pastor Mack Timberlake, Jr. at First Baptist Church in Creedmoor, a cirriculum of Shaw Divinity in 1981 and attended Old Testament Studies at Vance Granville Community College in 1987.  Later, he became a member of United Solid Rock Baptist Church where he also served as Assistant Pastor to Pastor Moore H. Bynum, founder and leader.
He married First Lady Hattie Cook on January 29, 1973 and they have three children. LaTonya, Lakisha, and RaShawn.  They have five grandchildren, Zsa'Kedras, DaMaj, Miajah, KaNaysha and Destiny.
In 1994, he became pastor of Pleasant Grove Baptist Church in Hollister, NC and in October of 1997, Pastor of Cooks Chapel Baptist Church in Warren Plains, NC but in October of 1998, he received a full time pastoral postition at Cooks Chapel.
After five years with Cooks Chapel, through praying and seeking God the door was opened for him to become Founder and Pastor of a new ministry called Full Gospel Faith Ministries, Inc. on January 12, 2003.