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Minister Tanisha N. Yancey
But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light; - I Peter 2:9, KJV
Tanisha Nicole Yancey is a Warren County native.Born to the parents of Burnell Yancey and Laura Mae Yancey. Reared by her grandmother the late Sara Mae Yancey she was introduced to the "Father Of Grace" at a young age.  Minister Yancey is a disciple of Full Gospel Faith Ministries in Warreton, NC under the leadership of Pastor Joseph M. Cook and First Lady Hattie Cook. Minister Yancey serves with gratitude in various capacites in the local assembly.Tanisha was ushered into preaching ministry on May 17, 2008.
FIRE History
The conference was birth in October 2002 after wilderness experience. The first conference was held at Unity Prayer House of Faith in Norlina, NC where Elder Hayes is Pastor.  The conference tite was W.I.N.D (worship, intercession and Devotion). The second year was at Tanisha's current church although Tanisha was not a member Pastor Cook and the FGFM graciously opened their doors and heart. That year the conference was titled WordPower. Year three the conference focus was the FIRE of God.  Then the acronym was given for Flames In a Ressurected Ecclesia.  Last year we asked the lord to ignite our fire and this year our focus is on worship.
Tanisha's desire is to see that there is no church as usual and that the people of God be blessed. Tanisha would like to that every preacher and teacher choir musician that has sewn into this work.
Special Thanks
Guest Preachers
Evg. Daniele Evans. Pastor Vanessa Brooks, Elder Laurica Yancey, Pastor Kimberly G Eaton, Evg. Antoinice Eaton, Pastor Joann Byrd, Pastor Nicholas Worrell, Prophet Brian Davis, Minister Keyth Davis, Evg, Tonya Bridges, Pastor Sonja Holmes, Minister Cedric Clark, Minister Owen Forbes, Dr. Rocknie Jenkins, Pastor Jimmy Bass, Pastor Natasha Lewis-Alston.  I would like to thank each for being on assignment.
Thanks to Pastor and First Lady Hayes and Unity Prayer House of Faith Church Family for opening their church doors to us for the very first conference.  Your kindness will never be forgotten.
Thanks to Pastor and First Lady Joseph M Cook and the Full Gospel Faith Minisries Family thank you for embracing me and the vision that God has entrusted me.
To the FIRE committee Elder L Yancey Minister Cedric Clark Minster Shirley Kearney Sis Loretta Gordon and Sis. Alethea Cook and Sis Katina Hill thank you so much for your involvement prayers I couldnt do it without you. 
To my cousin Joneka Smith for designing the website for the past two years. Thank You for your talent.
Thanks be unto God for finding me worthy enough to give birth and see this vision mature. My how has it grown we are 5 yrs. old the number of Grace.
The conference was birthed out of a wilderness experience. I was looking for something different. I had a hunger and thirst for the Word of God.